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Proposal Guidelines

The purpose of this Guideline is to make clear the expectations of a proposal presented to Student Senate. This governing group’s sole purpose is to represent the student body and to help fund recognized student clubs. A portion of the Student Comprehensive Fee that all students pay when taking classes is given to Student Senate to allocate to recognized clubs for student activities (currently $1.50 per credit).

Funding Guidelines:

  • Proposals should be given to either the Student Senate President or the Director of Student Life so that Student Senate may review the request.
  • A club representative should be in attendance at the designated Senate budget review meeting to present their club’s proposal to Student Senate and to answer any questions that may arise.
  • Student Senate provides partial support to MCC student participants through Travel Grants.
  • Student Senate covers up to $10 per club member towards logo wear (i.e. clothing items).
  • All monetary figures in the proposal should be backed by a quote.

Forms to Complete

Gives the overall amount that you want to request from Student Senate in an easy to fill out format.

Breaks down the overall cost to Student Senate. The overall cost from this form will be the figure put in the budget/request.