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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of due dates for tuition. Any other balances (previous or current semester) are overdue and must be paid now.

Contact the Registrar’s office at (603) 206-8120. If you leave a message, please leave your name, your Student ID number, your phone number and a clear reason for calling (i.e. “I would like to drop Math 110”).

If you decide to drop a class… DO NOT JUST STOP ATTENDING. Fill out an Drop / Add Form and return it to the Registrar’s Office, or drop your class online via the Student Information System (SIS).


You will receive a refund (minus non-refundable fees) in about 3-5 weeks for classes dropped within the drop period. Payments made by credit card will be refunded to the card. Payments made by cash, check or FACTS will be mailed to your home address.

Contact the Registrar’s Office at (603) 206-8120.

If you do not officially drop a class within the specified drop period you will be responsible for all course charges. Failing to show up does not constitute officially withdrawing from the class.

For the summer semester:

Financial aid will begin to disburse to student’s accounts approximately 45 days after the semester begins and weekly thereafter.

For the fall semester:

Financial aid will begin to disburse to student’s accounts approximately 45 days after the semester begins. See the paperwork from your lender for specific information.

Yes, you may view account information, balance due, & financial aid award information online via the Student Information System (SIS).

Financial aid refund checks are funds leftover after all tuition & fees have been paid. Checks are mailed to your home address two weeks after the funds are received by the college. Monitor your disbursements online via the Student Information System (SIS).

Yes, there is aid available for eligible students. Contact the Financial Aid Office at (603) 206-8110.

You will be withdrawn from your classes.

What is a 1098T Statement?

Colleges and universities issue a 1098T (or 1098-T) form to some students for tax purposes. The statement provides the total dollar amount paid by the student for qualified tuition and related expenses in a single tax year.

There are two ways to get your 1098T form:

1. Find your 1098T form on SIS (Student Information System)

  • Log in to SIS with your Student account information 
  • Then click through by following this chain:
    • Student Account — Obtain Tax Information
    • Tax Information
    • Enter Tax Year


2. Contact Heartland ECSI

For questions related to your 1098T statement and another way to access an electronic statement, you can also contact Heartland ECSI through their website or call them at (866) 428-1098. You will need to supply the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Zip Code (that appears on their 1098T statement)